Re: Cpu usage

by default Windows does no CPU capping of any kind. it sounds like the application is using 50% of the processor for whatever reason. Are you sure there is no software on the box like Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 or Windows Resource Manager or any other application that does cpu shaping?

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HDI wrote:

How does the cpu usage under windows TS 2003 work?

I wrote a test script and these are the results:

1. If I start a program the cpu goes to 50% for this task and 50% in
task manager
2. If I start a second instance the cpu goes 100% in task manager and
for the 2 tasks each 50%
3. If I start a third instance the cpu stays at 100% in task manager
and for the first task 50% and the 2 other each 25%
4. If I start a forth instance the cpu stays at 100% in task manager
and for the 4 tasks each 25%

It's all working well, with an extra task I get cpu from the other

Two questions:

a) why not 100% with 1. Is there a max of 50%.
b) why don't other applications share their cpu (ex 2 apps at 50% -->
no cpu for others)
Are there special actions when cpu doesn't share (priority is the
(Can't manipulate this, I have an access prog that doesn't share
and I don't know wy)