Re: Move Terminal Services Profiles to another Volume

I guess I didn't post correctly what I am looking to do. I want to move the local profiles on the terminal server to the d volume instead of c I do not want to move individual users workstation profiles only the copies saved on the terminal server.


Vera Noest [MVP] wrote:
Here's the equivalent for W2K and 2003:

236621 - Cannot Move or Rename the Documents and Settings Folder

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Jeff Pitsch <Jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 15 maj 2007

It says for WinXP but it's the same for Win2k3 and quite
possibly Win2k.

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Chris wrote:

When my Terminal Server was intially setup the users were set
with roaming profiles being stored on the c volume of the
terminal server. I am running out of space on that server and
would like to change the path to save the profiles on the d volume of the terminal server. I can't seem to find where I would change this and can't find any
articles on how to do this. Can anyone point me to information
or give me an idea on how I can do this?