Re: connecting via terminal servicces to an XP 'Home' machine

To be clear, home versions of any Windows client OS (WinXP Home, Vista Home Basic and Home Premium) do not support being used as a TS host. The assumption is that acting as a host is a function only useful to business users, since home users are rarely on static IP addresses, lack the upload speed for a strong connection, etc.

While this assumption doesn't hold true for all users (personally, I have a headless desktop at home that I access solely via Remote Desktop), it is a factor in the price points for the various OS options.

Sorry, but you'll need to use WinXP Pro, Vista Business or Vista Ultimate (or Server 2003) if you want to host Remote Desktop sessions.

Josh Rosenberg [MSFT]
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Can you connect to an XP Home machine via RDP as you would an XP Pro machine at all?

It appears in XP Home you can 'Allow Remote Assistance invitations', but it does not appear to have the ability to allow users to 'connect remotely to this computer' using remote desktop.

Is this not possible at all in XP Home?

Thanks, Brad

No, XP Home can *NOT* act as a Remote Desktop host. Please post questions pertaining to home use of Remote Desktop to the...

microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely group.

In your case an alternative that I recommend is UltraVNC. Get the server, client, encryption plug-in and XP video driver (for the server only) from...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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