Re: Disable the console RDP session in Server 2003

There has been a single thread about this subject not long ago, but
the subject line was "stop console terminal sessions", not
"disable" :-) I can imagine that this is actually very hard to
find, because of the many false hits.
Anyway, since the solution was new to me too, I saved the answer
(from Soo Kuan Teo [MSFT]):


TS has a WMI provider which allows you to do that. The easier way
to access WMI provider functionality is with WMIC alias. If you
want to deny administrators access to console, you can run the
following within a cmd shell:
WMIC RDAccount where "TerminalName='console' and AccountName
like '%administrators%'" call delete

If you want to restore the default permissions setting for console:
WMIC RDPermissions where "TerminalName='console'" call

If you want to learn more about our TS WMI provider, more info
about wmi in general, please visit:


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evan.ziemann@xxxxxxxxx wrote on 12 mar 2007 in

Is there any way to make Server 2003 terminal services behave
like a 2000 server and not allow the /console 3rd session?
We would like only have the 2 remote RDP sessions available to a
2003 R2 server and not allow a connection to the console.
People are logging on the the /console session and breaking the
application that is running on the desktop.

Unfortunately searching for disable mstsc /console doesn't
produce the desired results.