Re: Error messages for remote desktop connection attempt

Did you enable Remote Desktop connections on the XP Pro host? In
Control Panel - System - Remote?

If that doesn't fix it, have you checked the EventLog on the host?

FYI, on my XP pro client, the Terminal Services service is
dependent on the Remote procedure Call service, not on the NetLogon
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=?Utf-8?B?VHJlYXN1cjI=?= <Treasur2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
wrote on 21 jun 2006 in

Ok, I can't seem to get remote desktop to work.

This is my home network. Same subnet. Desktop (host) is running
XP professional, other machine (laptop/client) is running xp
home. Yes, both are sp2.

When I try to remote access in I get the following error message
on the client.

"The client could not connect to the remote computer. Remote
connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too
busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network
problems are preventing your connection"

I have traced the problem to what I believe is this.

The terminal server service is not started and won't start on
the host. Yes even if I try to manually start it. I get an error

"Could not start the terminal server service on local computer.
Error 1068: the dependency service or group failed to start"


Host is xp pro sp2 (desktop)

Client is xp home sp2 (laptop)

Cable internet connection with router installed and enabled for
port 3389 and 80.


This should not matter since both machines are on same subnet
but I'll state it anywise. I HAVE!!! Already physically
disconnected the router/firewall from the network. Connected;
desktop (host) directly to cable modem, verifying that I could
establish and maintain and be pinged from the outside (put
laptop on separate...neighbors...wireless network) and pinged
successfully my desktop (host). Then tried to remote desktop in.

Result: same problem or error message.

I've traced the dependency services to one that was not
running.â?? Net Logon". It was set to manual. So I tried
starting it manually (in services)........I get the following
error message.

"The net logon service on the local computer started and then
stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work
to do, for example, the Performance logs and alerts service."

The net logon services dependency is the workstation service is running.

I've rebooted the machine, I've turned the net logon on service
to automatic and rebooted. Etc. etc. Doesn't help.

In researching I've discovered (been reminded) that the net
logon service is designed for domain environments; since I'm in
a workgroup (thus) I'm assuming it shuts down at the end of the
boot sequence (or something) when it discovers there is no
domain. My guess would be that a remote desktop connection
wakes the net logon service to just.....service (sorry for the
redundancy) the logon attempt.

So why can't I get it to come on. Or am I going completely down
the wrong path.

Yes I have a software firewall installed also on both machines.
Zone alarms. Yes itâ??s turned OFF (as opposed to "disabling"
it) when trying to troubleshoot the above.

Questions or clarifications?