Desperate for help - sorry!!

Hi all,

Am at the end of my tether with getting RDP to work with Terminal
Services. After lots of playing around/fixing etc, we have the
following situation:

1. Using Thinstation, we can boot into Terminal Services (2003) via PXE

These are the same MAC addresses for PCs which are currently NOT using
Terminal Services, and just log onto the network normally via XP
Pro/W2K Pro.

Swapping the network cards over from a "non-working" machine with one
from a "working machine" and booting via PXE had the expected result -
It booted the old "non-working pc" as long as I put a "working pc"
network card in it

NICs are all 3C905C-TX-M

DHCP works fine, TFTP works fine. It is literally that last "bit" where
we would expect to get the logon screen where it all fails. I also do
not see any messages in the event logs on the servers.

Lastly, I DID try deleting the leased DHCP address for one of the XP
Pro machines, and then PXE boot off it (so it was effectively getting a
completely new IP), and this STILL worked. This would point out to me
that some relation between license and MAC address is being held
somewhere other than in DHCP

TS Licensing is "open" per user

We have 9 PCs that needed to go live last week... am in the frying pan
here guys!!!