Re: Can't activate Remote Desktop

From: Vera Noest [MVP] (
Date: 02/15/05

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 14:03:12 -0800

So the USA server is not listening on port 3389, which means that
something is definitively wrong.
Have you checked the EventLog on the server?
Did you reboot after uninstalling Terminal Services and enabling
Remote Desktop for Administration?

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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=?Utf-8?B?SmVucyBCYWNoZW5iZXJn?= <Jens> wrote on 15 feb 2005 in

> "Benny Tritsch" wrote:
> Hello Benny,
> thanks for Your qick reply.
>> So, remove the role "Terminal Server" using the "Configure Your
>> Server Wizard". Then allow administrators to connect remotely
>> to your Web server by using the "Remote" tab in the System
>> tool. That's it -- no TS licensing server needed anymore as
>> long as only two admins log in remotely to your Web Server at
>> the same time.
> I've done this task befor without any effect.
> I've removed the role "Terminal Server" I removed the "Terminal
> license Server" and I activated the option "Allow users to
> connect remotely to this computer" at "Remote" Tab on "System
> Properties" but without any effect. I get allways the same error
> message (posted befor). So me question:
> How can I control the proper function/setting of "Remote
> Desktop"? If there is any registry entry about this service or
> something related to this service, what I can check?
> Which User rights must be set properly?
> Must there a TCP/IP Port open for this service (other than
> 3389)?
> At this location:
> is the article:
> Troubleshooting RDP Client Connection Problems
> I've tried telnet to port 3389 at the Client in Germany and at
> the commandline on the server directly, at both time I get this
> error message: "Could not open connection to the host, on port
> 3389: Connect faild" I used this command at the German Client:
> telnet USA-SERVER 3389 I used this command at the USA Server
> console: telnet localhost 3389 NETBIOS and DNS nameresolving is
> working proper.
> When I try telnet from my Workstaion in Germany to an other W2k3
> server here in Germany I get a connection.
> When I try telnet from the USA Server console to a German Server
> I get a connection , also a connection with the Remote Desktop
> Client from the USA Server to an German Server is working
> properly.
> It is not a problem of the VPN connection to USA, because I can
> a trouble-free connection to the network-shares of the server.
> I only use Microsoft TCP/IP Protocoll.
>> But there is another problem: If any additional server
>> applications or services besides the
>> standard OS components were installed after this server was
>> switched to app server mode, there may well be issues with
>> these applications or services after the server will be
>> switched back to remote admin mode. So, I would not recommend
>> switching it back without extensive testing.
> I didn't install any application for using with terminal
> services.
> I need further help...
>> Benny
> Sincerly
> Jens Bachenberg

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