Re: Error [5]:Access is denied

From: Bruce Sanderson (bsanders_at_junk.junk)
Date: 02/05/05

Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 14:21:06 -0800

Well, might I suggest you use the Windows XP built-in capability called
Remote Assistance instead?

Although perhaps not as well known as it should be, there is a mode called
"Offered Remote Assistance" that allows some (expert) to send an offer of
remote assistance to someone else (novice). This is very much like the
shadowing feature in Terminal Services.

Unfortunately, there is no obvious GUI for enabling the "Offer Remote
Assitance" feature, nor for actually using it. Also, for Windows XP SP2, if
the Windows Firewall is enabled, you have to add Exceptions to allow Offer
Remote Assistance to work (see

To enable a computer to receive an Offer of Remote Assistance, use
gpedit.msc and Enable (see also;en-us;3106290):
Computer Configuration
   Administrative Templates
            Remote Assistance
               Offer Remote Assitance (use the Show... button to add user
accounts or groups that are permitted to Offer Remote Assistance
Note: if the target (novice's) computer is Windows XP SP1, you may also have
to enable
               Solicited Remote Assistance

Use the "Show..." button to add user accounts or groups that are permitted
to Offer Remote Assistance. If you want to be able to control the novice
user's session, select "Allow helpers to remotely control the computer" from
the "Permit remote control of this computer:" drop down list box

In a Domain, you can use a Group Policy Object to enable these settings.

To send an Offer of Remote Assistance either:

1. open Help and Support
    key the word Offer in the Search field (press Enter)
    click on Offer Remote Assistance
2. create a shortcut that has this as the Target:
   launch this shortcut

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"Glen Flexman" <none> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> I have a number of Windows XP machines with Sp1 and 1 server running 
> windows 2000 server. No domain controller. All machines have administrator 
> pwd.
> I can remotely connect to the w2k machine. From there I can shadow onto 
> any of the XP Sp1 machines using:
> cmd /cshadow 0 /server: /v
> I have just put in a new machine running XP Sp2. The admin pwd is set to 
> the same as the w2k machine and all the other Xp machines.
> When I try to shadow onto this machine I get:
> Error opening Terminal server
> When I run qwinsta /server: I get:
> Error [5]: Access is denied
> I can connect to the machine with remote desktop but then the user can't 
> see what I'm doing. It's also painfully slow as opposed to the xp sp1 
> machines I connect to.
> Does anyone know what may be causing this or how to get around it?
> T.I.A
> G

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