TS very slow

From: KPM (KPM_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 02/01/05

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 08:43:02 -0800


I am TS on a windows 2000 server.
>From time to time my TS will become very slow. This happens at different
times for differetn users. I ma not sure what is causing the problem.
I am running on a brand new HP DL 380 server with 3.2 xeon processor and 4
gb RAM.
IF i shutdown the server and restart it, everything becomes normal.
sometimes I have to log off and then try back in 5 mins and everything is

I am not sure if this is causing the problem.
My users forget to close all the opened applications like outlook, word and
other when they are ready to close.
Next time when they sign in, the applications are still there.
Kindly tell me how to force all the applications to close when the users
signs off and also how to set a inactivity timeout.
I have a group policy in my active directory just for this machine to
restrict certain programs like IE.

Thank you