Re: Windows 2003 Server function level could not be raised

I must be missing something, as I can't find where to force replication!

Also, I noticed on both servers I'm getting no more end points messages in
the event log... Wonder if that is the source of my problem
about changing the functional level?

"Dean Wells [MVP]" <dwells@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Functional level increases require FSMOs; the PDC is required for domain
> func. level increases and the schema for forest increases. FSMOs must
> meet a requirement at boot known as INITSYNC, which simplified means they
> must replicate successfully with a domain partner if they're the PDC FSMO
> or a domain-or-forest partner if they're the schema FSMO. I'd suggest
> running DSSITE.MSC and forcing replication before trying again.
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> John wrote:
>> I tried to raise Windows 2003 function level to native mode by going
>> into active directory trust or active directory computers and users
>> I get the following error: function level could not be raised. The
>> error: directory service is busy
>> any idea's on how to get past this error?