Re: Server 2003 and Mac OS X

From: NiGHTS (
Date: 05/07/04

Date: 7 May 2004 16:24:36 -0700

The issue is that a Domain Controllers running windows 2003 server has
the security setting titled Microsoft Network Server: Digitally Sign
Communications is set to always by default on windows 2003 domain
controllers. When this setting is set to always digitally sign
communications you will not be able to access SMB shares from a mac.
To disable that setting you need to fire up your active directory
users and computers, then right click on domain controllers then click
on the group policy tab, and then double click your domain controller
group policy. From there you need to click windows settings, then
security settings then local policies, then security options you will
find this setting in this list. Set it to disabled, which is less
secure but without making this change you can not connect to SMB
shares from a mac on a windows 2003 domain controller.

Hope that helps.


"Roman B" <> wrote in message news:<emgZjDhMEHA.3012@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl>...
> I have a small LAN with 2003 server as the domain server and file server. I
> recently installed a G5 Mac on the network, but I cannot access the file
> server. I get a "login incorrect" error, even though the login is correct.
> This works fine from other Windows machines. Interestingly Remote Desktop
> works fine on the MAC, even though security-wise this is more dangerous.
> It is hard make sense of all the security settings - I set all the basic
> ones that are needed to access the server and it works for Windows but not
> for the MAC.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Roman Budzianowski