Re: Launching program from Start Button -- Problem with Quotes

lets see your code,
my guess it has something to do with quotes ""

<mr_ravi_patil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I want to launch an IDE and build a project file.

If I type the following in a DOS command line it works OK:

cmdide.exe /b "c:\projects\software\FIRMWARE 3.0\Master 3.0.mcp"

When I enter the same thing on the Windows Start | Run edit field --
it just launches the IDE without opening the project file.

I think it's ignoring the pathname following the executable name. I'm
guessing it needs some quotes.
but then again, it works on the DOS command line.

Why does it work on the DOS command line but not on the Windows
Start | Run command?
Those 2 are not equivalent?