Re: File Open Dialog box in Vista

Thanks for comments but I get the same error as I did using "UserAccounts.CommonDialog from XP":
ActiveX component can't create object - SAFRCFileDlg.FileSave - Code: 800A01AD
Maybe someone from MSFT may know what the correct object call for File Open/Save dialogs in Windows Vista is from VBScript?
Many thanks though,
Pete Gomersall,

"Michael Harris (MVP)" <mikhar at mvps dot org> wrote in message news:%23%23vgJkq3GHA.5000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pete Gomersall wrote:
Hi all,
I have been using the UserAccounts.CommonDialog from XP with my
VBScripts, however this doesn't seem to work in Vista.
Does anyone know if there is a similar ActiveX object to call in
Vista or Vista specific way to call the Common File Open dialog from
VBScript? Cheers,
Pete Gomersall

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What is the best alternative to 'UserAccounts.CommonDialog' for an HTA running on Windows 2003 server?

I assume you're looking for the File Open/File Save dialog boxes; you can use the SAFRCFileDlg object. You can find an example of using the File Save dialog box here:

...which points you to...

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Maybe SAFRCFileDlg will work on Vista?

Michael Harris
Microsoft MVP Scripting