Re: grep, which, and tail commands?

"Jon Miller" <Jon Miller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I'm just starting to play around with PowerShell. It seems pretty cool.
There are a few things that I'm wondering though. Namely, I'm wondering if
there are equivalents for UNIX commands grep, which, and tail. With regard
grep, I'm wondering if there are plans for an updated version of
that is possibly more robust. I've also found the UNIX which command very
valuable. It tells you where in your path an executable file is found. And
also, tail with the -f flag is very valuable for viewing log files and
their output displayed as new output is written to them. I've created my
.NET implementations (in C#) of the later two commands, but, I was
it would be nice since there seems to be interest in finally getting a
shell going for Windows that these other commands be bundled with the OS
and/or the shell.

A Google found these links:

GNU utilities for Win32

UNIX Commands on Windows

Unix commands in windows 1.0.0