Re: SBS 2008 "Run as Admin" Missing

I think I 'bugged' this in the beta. I'll have to go and look and see if I
found a work-around. If this was it I did find a convaluted way around it.

ColinA wrote:
Well, that's what I always thought..., and I have added printers
before..., but I could swear that you needed to right click and do
the "Run as Administrator"...

If I just try to add a 32 bit printer via the Control Panel it won't
let me do it, saying the driver is not a 64 bit..., and fails....

Could also be that I am missing something too..., but I was sure it
was quite easy before...


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I think I'm going bonkers here...

I'm just trying to add a 32 bit printer to my SBS 2008 server...

I'm sure when I set this server up I worked out this right click on
the ADD
PRINTER and select "Run as Administrator" to elevate the level of
the install...

I'm logged in as the Admin and run up Control Panel and right click
on the
ADD PRINTER and there are NO options to "Run as Administrator"..?,
where have they all gone...?, I've tried everything, can any one
help me...? Something must have got turned off here..., but I've no idea

Thanks in advance....

Unless I'm missing something here, you are already logged on as the
domain administrator, so you can easily install any printers you
like based on the context of being logged on as such.


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