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Hi Ace, thanks for a comprehensive reply.

I too think its something to be with 8bit.

Mac / THunderbird is from a home setup... Ill checkout thunderbird settings.

thanks again.

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Have a client that has a blackberry... only one so implemented a contact
in SBS 2003 for blackberry email account and any emails to user inbox
gets forwarded to blackberry. In the UK and uk client on Vodafone

Works fine... except for one person emailing from France.

Email comes into SBS, goes to user inbox and looking at message tracking
goes off to blackberry however a few seconds later we get..

The message contains a content type that is not supported.
Companydomain #5.6.1 smtp:554 5.6.1 Body type not supported by remote

Checking the headers the end user in france is using a MAC and

Client is the MD of the company and the sender of email is high client.
Need to get my facts right to advise my client to tell his client to dump
MAC... only

Cant believe french user hasn't had this issue elsewhere, claims no issue
elsewhere but cant confirm sends to another blackberry. Cant ask third
party to do all these test.

Any ideas how to solve, same error message if French user emails direct
to blackberry device.


Mime handles content type. I believe what may be happening is in the
Thunderbird client, the doctor or possibly his IT staff, should look into
how are messages being sent by his client software. I'm not familiar with
how Thunderbird works, or it's available options, but there must be a
setting to change international Mime handling.

For instance, I know in Outlook you can change options on how it's being
handled, such as - Options > Mail format > International Options > Check
the box for "Auto select encoding for Outgoing message." My feeling is
there is a similar setting in the doctor's Thunderbird client that is
sending 8bit Mime, or his mail server is sending 8bit Mime, which is not

It can more than likely be THEIR mail server causing the problem. You can
telnet on 25 using EHLO command into their mail server to see if their
SMTP header indicates they are transmitting 8bit Mime. Read the following
thread and responses by Ed Crowley to see what I mean:

Otherwise, you can disable 8bit Mime handling on your end on the SBS, but
I wouldn't suggest nor recommend to do that, because it is a broad sword
maneuver to overcome an issue that one person's client settings or another
email server can be simply changed to send out mail properly instead of
changing YOUR operating system to accomodate someone else's
misconfigurations. So it's more like the needs of one outweigh the needs
of the many, and may cause problems with the many, if you know what I

If you want to disable it on your end, which I do not suggest, read the
How to turn off 8BIT MIME in Windows 2000 and in Windows Server 2003 SMTP


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