Re: SBS 2003 folder redirection not working with Vista client

I don't know why redirection wouldn't be working (I'm writing this from a Vista box with redirection), but a couple of comments:

If the policy is attempting to apply but failing, there should be some useful information logged in the Vista PC's event logs.

Redirection is a user policy, not a computer policy. What happens if the user in question logs in at a different PC? If redirection doesn't work for this user elsewhere, the first thing would be to make sure the user's AD account is in the same OU as others where redirection is working. I filter my redirection policy using a security group - if you're doing anything like that, make sure the user has the appropriate group membership.

The Vista PC is joined to the domain successfully, right? Can you tell if other domain policies are being applied correctly to this machine? On the Vista PC, Start -> Run -> Rsop.msc. This will result in a console showing all the policies applied to the PC and the logged in user. You might get some useful information there - at least, you'll be able to tell what policies are applying and not applying.

The user has appropriate permissions to the folder that the redirection policy points to, right? Generally, redirection takes care of permissions, so this is unlikely but worth checking.

"asapjim" <asapjim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:D4E0A8C9-DAD7-4C8C-BA3C-CF80D87C05BF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi, we have folder redirection enabled on our SBS 2003 network.
Folder redirection has been working well with all of our clients (XP Pro).
I just recently added a Vista Business laptop to the network and folder
is not working on this one client. The Documents folder is pointing to the
local documents folder.

I installed all updates on the Vista machine, ran gpudate, but the folder
redirection is still not working on the lone Vista client. Any ideas? tests
I can run? Known resolutions to this problem?

Thanks for any help.