Re: SBS2008 Why is port 80 opened by default?

Ah, the old "guns are evil" reasoning... Well, it's as good a reason as any I


But this is so basic and obvious, why would the default SBS2008 install open
port 80 on my router when CompanyWeb is not available over the internet? Or
is it, and I'm just not seeing how to access it?

"Cris Hanna [SBS - MVP]" wrote:

that's why UPnP is evil and should be turned off on Routers and routers should be manually configured :-)

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"ComputerFields" <ComputerFields@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:BC84DA0E-9156-4313-8B3C-352E0D5D06BF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I see that port 80 needs to be open on the SBS2008 firewall for companyweb,
but why would it open that port via uPnP on my router?


"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]" wrote:

> ComputerFields wrote:
> > I don't understand.
> >
> > All the default remote access methods RWW/OWA etc... go through other
> > ports. What is port 80 used for?
> >
> > Thanks.
> Redirects?
> Just because something is listening on the LAN doesn't mean you should
> expose it to the Internet through your firewall.