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didn't you have another thread on your ACT sync problem? opening a 2nd is just wasting people's time.

"GTP" <GTP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4A054CC7-4D7B-4B8B-B982-CE79615286BD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I think the listening process would be the ACT sync manager itself, set to
listen. But, can I implement another process for SBS to listen on Port 65100
as well?

There are no problems when actually on the LAN syncing to ACT, only when
doing it remotely. The router we have is a business grade Linksys router.

"SuperGumby [SBS MVP]" wrote:

to 'telnet' to a port the port must not only be forwarded from your router
to SBS but there must be some process on SBS listening at the port number.

Also, you may be hitting a common limitation of your router, an inability to
process 'loopback' connections. A loopbacl connection, in respect of
routing, is where a connection is attempted from inside the LAN to the WAN
interface of the router, this connection is then expected to be forwarded
from the WAN port to a port on a LAN IP. Very few consumer grade devices,
and a much greater percentage of more advanced devices, perform such
loopback properly.

"GTP" <GTP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Did I need to do something additional in network properties when > setting
> up
> the server (sbs08) on the network.
> I have a static IP in the router and used the wizard to connect to the
> internet. Everything works great except:
> The reason I am asking is that no matter what port I setup on the > router
> to
> foward to the server IP, I cannot telnet in (besides 1723 and 80 work).
> Do I need to change the DNS or something in the network properties to
> match
> the static IP/dns infor given from the ISP?
> I am trying to setup 65100 and have no locuk, not blocked by ISP > either,
> then I started setting up other random ports and I can't telnet in > meaning
> there closed.
> Thanks,
> Greg


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