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On Dec 3, 6:50 pm, "Merv Porter [SBS-MVP]"
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Make sure the firewall security on the Westell router is set to "Medium" so
that NAT port forwarding will function properly.

I'm not sure why he has thewebcamin a subnet by itself (192.168.2.x)
unless he was trying to create some kind of DMZ for the camera.  This
shouldn't be necessary.  It should be able to exist just fine outside of
your SBS (LAN) network, attached to a port on the Westell router with an IP
address in the same range as the LAN side of the router (e.g.,  I think I'd keep the IP address for the
camera.  Otherwise you might have to go into the camera software, then find
and change that IP address.  I'd rather not play with the camera software
configuration at this point.  However, keeping the existing IP of the camera
means you would need to change the subnet of the LAN side of the router to
192.168.2.x, then change the port forwarding for the three ports to  Also, the external SBS NIC would then need to be changed to  Finally, CEICW would need to be re-run to configure the SBS
NICs and the network.  All of this is easily reversible if it fails to
resolve the problem.

The switch attached to the router is not necessary (but could be left in
place if desired) since the router has 4 LAN ports.  As mentioned, the SBS
external NIC can be attached directly to a port on the router and given an
IP in the same range as the LAN side of the router (e.g.,  In
the router, the ports for the camera would then be forwarded to thewebcam's
IP address ( for access via the Internet.  I don't believe
there needs to be any services set up in the SBS CEICW configuration but it
shouldn't hurt to leave them there as they are now.

+  Change Port Forwarding on Westell to:
        83 on
        65310 on
        65311 on

Westell Router (WAN)
Westell Router (LAN  => CanonWebcam(
SBS External NIC  (
SBS Internal NIC (192.168.1 20)
|   |   |   |
Switch with workstations (192.168.1.x) attached

PDF file of the camera manual

Port Forwarding for the Westell Versalink 327W

Download the Westell VersaLink 327W Users Guides and USB Drivers

Merv  Porter   [SBS-MVP]

"Dave" <drlit...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

On Dec 3, 9:04 am, Joe <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dave wrote:
Sorry if this is answered somewhere else in this group but I have been
reading for some time now and haven¡¦t seen anything that comes close
enough to this issue. I have a client with SBS-2003, 5 XP machines
and a Canon BV-C50irwebcamin their network. Thewebcamwas
accessible from the internet. Their prior network guy suddenly died
and didn¡¦t believe in network documentation, go figure. So here I am
trying to figure out what exactly is going on within their network.

They were having issues with their previous ISP (high speed DSL @ a
whopping 17k upload speed) which the former ISP said nothing was
wrong! So I had them change ISP¡¦s to Centurytel 10Mb DSL. Centurytel
sent them a Westell 327W router and assigned them two public IP¡¦s. I
used one of the public IP¡¦s on the outside of the router so it can be
accessed from the internet and the other is still free. Ok, so far?
Everything is working from the client computers with regard to
internet access accept thewebcam. Thewebcamfunctioned fine from
the internet prior to the switch of ISP¡¦s and router. To the best of
my knowledge everything is setup exactly the same as before the change
of ISP. I have gone round and around with Centurytel over the router
and they don¡¦t seem to get it. They told me it is an issue with the
camera, which is working fine from inside the network if it is
configured @

So here is the configuration;

Internet to router „³ public IP
Router to first NIC ( subnet on
Second NIC again subnet
DHCP to subnet gateway

Camera subnet

SBS-2003 Services are setup with
Camera port 83
Video port 65310
Camera control port 65311

Westell 327W Port forwarding
83 on
65310 on
65311 on

Am I missing something here? Could the issue be with the Westell
router? Sorry for the long post, I¡¦m just hoping to be descriptive
enough for you to get a good understanding of the layout.

Nearly. Where is the camera physically connected, and what provision is
made for routing to it? Something with a network address of 192.168.2.
can be physically connected to any network, but nothing on networks
192.168.0. or 192.168.1. will be able to talk to it unless a router is
specifically programmed to route to and from it.

There's a piece of the jigsaw missing, as to how this was done
previously, and as the missing part of the network is the old router,
that has to be where the finger points first. Typically, multiple
networks share the same wires and some computers by giving the NICs in
those computers multiple IP addresses, in the different networks, and
then setting up routing between them. While this isn't rocket science,
it's well beyond the expected SBS scenarios. If the SBS NICs are given
additional IP addresses, I'd expect the next run of the CEICW to wipe
them out, but it's not something I've tried.

It's not obvious why a third network address is needed. My preference
would be to connect the camera to the 192.168.0. network with a
192.168.0.xx address. (And by the way, 192.168.0. and 192.168.1.
networks should really be avoided, as VPN may be used at a future date,
and these two networks are very common defaults in many places.
VPN-connected networks must all be different.) You then forward the
desired ports directly to it, there should be no reason for it to be
reached through the SBS. Both internal and external clients should be
able to see it. I'm also personally not keen on third-party IP products
being reachable from the Internet while sitting in a business LAN, but
that's just me being paranoid.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

The camera is connected to the same switch as the WAN NIC then that
switch is connected to the 327W router.  I have considered changing
the IP like you say but I am also paranoid about doing that.  If it
was my network I probably wouldn't allow that and in this case it is a
clients network.  In this small town should there be a breach I may as
well shoot myself now and get it over with.

In looking through the routing table there are the following entries; subnet gateway interface subnet gateway interface subnet gateway interface

Don't you think that should work?

Thanks for your response...

Dave- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

The problem with the Westell is you do not have any option for the
port forwarding. It picks up the inside IP of the router, in this
case Perhaps that is where Centurytel is coming from, on
the other hand they also suggested that I set the firewall to None? I
think I will try and change the camera to a address and
set the default gateway to the Westell. There really isn't much to
the camera software configuration, easy to access and change. With
regaurd to CEICW, you say that the changes are easly reverseable, is
it destructive and wipe prior settings when I run it? Sorry but I
don't have much knowledge of running that wizzard, I'll see what else
I can find on it.

Thanks Merv,


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