Re: Is everyone upto date on security updates ?

Hi Thanks for the quick post...

Interesting that you mentioned if use services... none of the servers use
IPSEC or any VPN configuration for that matter

"Matabra" <Matabra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have had an issue like this one one of my clients SBS servers. but we
support about 30 and it only occored on this one.

It seems to be a bit random as to whether it occurs or not (obvious why if
you understand how it works).

Its best to do the fix if you are using those services. Fix worked fine
for me however. You dont need to uninstall the patches thou, just change
the registry and reboot.



"Teneo" <not@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Im interested if you had any issues with applied patches mentioned here

IPSEC services are failing on all SBS and no network till do fix ( stop
ipsec, reboot, u ninstall the 2 culprits, do the registry thing and
reapply.... phew )

What has others experiances been ?

Haven't tried the fix first then applied patches as need to be onsite and
will be trying next week.