Re: SBS 2003 NTP

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I just got an email from one of the execs today that I should set the
time correctly because some user PCs are not having the right time. I then
checked the server time and it was correct, so I don;t understand why some
user PCs' time are not up-to-date or incorrect.

"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]" wrote:

MF <MF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello All,

Is it possible to have SBS 2003 act as the NTP server for all domain
clients on the network to help synchronize Daylight Savings Time,
etc, perhaps via Group Policy, and how is it done if possible?


It does this by default - this is handled by the PDC emulator role in AD.
What time sync problems are you having? In AD you don't manually set up
client to point at a particular NTP server. They get this info
and should be syncing automatically now.

Might be worth checking (in Event Log) that those PC are correctly logging
into the domain - *especially* if they are set to hibernate/sleep at night
and do not regularly log-off and restart.
Two other suggestions, based upon too much hair pulling:
1) There is no harm in a "GPUPDATE /FORCE" on each problematic
workstation - fixes quite a few gremlins.
2) Check that:
on each of these workstations points to the sbs-box or another 'valid' NTP
time-server, and not to the non-existent: "". Ideally you
only want the sbs-box updating time externally and then everything else
sync'ing the time from the sbs-box.