Re: VPN with SBS Premuim

Hi Manfred,

I followed your instructions and downloaded the MS Hotfix listed for the
Windows 2003 SP2 networking issues, and then re-ran the CEICW again this time
picking to "change" instead of "do not", I am now able to successfully
establish a VPN connection from 3 different Windows Vista PC's, but I am
still unable to establish a connection from any Windows XP (SP2) machines,
the Windows XP machine, gets up to "verifying username and password" and then
sits there for about 30 secconds, there is no real error message, and the
event tracing in ISA does not say anything has been denied??

This customer is unfortunately a 24hour operation and I would be most
greatful if you have any more suggestions.


Anthony Duxfield

"Manfred Zhuang [MSFT]" wrote:

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for posting here.

From your post, I understand that after installing ISA 2004 on the SBS
server, VPN does not work.

Based on my research, if you installed SP2 on the SBS server without
installing the hotfixes, there will be some problems with VPN.

Therefore if you installed SP2 on the server, please refer to following
article to ensure all the hotfixes are installed.

Best practices and known issues when you install Windows Server 2003
Service Pack 2 on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer

In addition, please refer to following article to check if all the settings
are correct.

Firstly I would like to confirm when re-running CEICW, did you select "Do
not change¡­"? If yes, I suggest you re-run CEICW again and not select this

837355 How to configure a VPN server by using Internet Security and
Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 or ISA Server 2004

I hope the above information is helpful to you. If the problem still
occurs, please help me gather following information:

1. Please help to gather the ISA Info:

1) Download the file from the following URL:

2) Extract all files to a folder on ISA server.
3) Double click Isainfo.js. This will generate 2 files
ISAInfo2004-<computer-name>.log and ISAInfo2004-<computer-name>.xml in the
current folder.
4) Please send these files to me at v-mzhuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Please also help to gather the ISA logs:

1) Schedule a down time.

2) Open ISA 2004 management console.

3) Expand the server node and highlight 'Monitoring'.

4) In the right pane, switch to the 'Logging' tab, make sure the 'Task
Pane' is showed there.

5) In the 'Task Pane', click 'Configure Firewall Logging' under 'Logging
Tasks', and then switch the 'log storage format' from 'MSDE database'
(default) to 'File'.

6) Switch to the 'Fields' tab, click 'Select All', and then click OK.

7) In the 'Task Pane', click 'Configure Web Proxy Logging' under 'Logging
Tasks', and then switch the 'log storage format' from 'MSDE database'
(default) to 'File'.

8) Switch to the 'Fields' tab, click 'Select All', and then click OK.

9) Click 'Apply' to save changes and update the configuration.

10) Temporarily disable the Firewall service. To do that, please click
Monitoring | Services tab, and then right click 'Microsoft Firewall' to
choose 'Stop'.

11) Clear the current existing W3C logs. To do that, go to the log saving
directory and clean any existing .W3C logs. By default, the logs will be
saved to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISALogs'. (Some MDF may not
be able to deleted, that's normal.) You may backup them first and then
delete them.

12) Go back to the ISA 2004 management console, and then Start the stopped
'Microsoft Firewall' service.

13) Reproduce the problem, stop the service, and then gather the resulting
W3C files to me for analysis.

14) Please also let me know the IP address of the testing clients so that I
can filter the data.

Hope the above information helps. Please feel free to let me know if there
is anything I can do for you.

3. Please download the MPS Report tool from the following link and run it
on the SBS server, then send the generated CAB file to my mailbox
v-mzhuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for further investigation so that we can find what
the root cause is:

For your information:

Please try the above steps at your earliest convenience. If you have any
concern, please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,

Manfred Zhuang(MSFT)
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| Hi again, after having a wonderful break from work for X-mas, I have now
| returned to this job,
| I have run the Internet & Email Configuration Wizard and the remote
| wizard and I'm still having the same issues... no VPN connection.
| The network is running Windows SBS 2003 Premium, with ISA 2004 (installed
| from the premium media)
| I have installed SP3 for ISA Server as suggested, and also SP2 for
| 2003 Server.
| The network has an ADSL internet connection coming into a US Robotics
| (, (which has 1723 and GRE forwarded), the WAN
| the SBS server is connected directly to the routers LAN (WAN IP,
| the LAN of the SBS is
| I have attempted to plug myself directly into the LAN of the US Robotics
| (giving myself a address) to see if the US Robotics router
| the issue, I still have the same issue, clicking connect in VPN on Vista
| XP immediately responds with unable to connect,
| I can see the client trying to connect in the live monitoring on the ISA
| console.
| can anyone give me any pointers, I have been through the ISA consoles VPN
| step by step check list thing, though I may be over looking something.
| regards,
| Anthony
| "Anthony from Solution One Ltd." wrote:
| > thanks Cris and Pedro,
| >
| > you have both been big helps.
| >
| > cheers
| >
| > Anthony
| >
| > "Pedro CR" wrote:
| >
| > > also, if using a router to connect to the internet, make sure it
supports vn pass-through and that it is setup to forward vpn traffic to the
sbs server (prtocol 47 - GRE - and also the appropriate PPTP port).
| > >
| > > pedro.
| > > "Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP]" <crisnospamhanna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
escreveu na mensagem news:uv5gb7JSIHA.748@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| > > Assuming that you installed the ISA 2004 from the SBS Media
| > > apply ISA 2004 SP3
| > > Then re-run the CEICW and Remote Access Wizards.
| > >
| > > --
| > > Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP]
| > > -------------------------------------------------
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| > > Independent Experts (MVPs do not work for MS)
| > > Real World Answers
| > > ---------------------------------------------------------
| > > Please do not contact me directly regarding issues
| > >
| > > "Anthony from Solution One Ltd."
<AnthonyfromSolutionOneLtd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| > > I have a client who has just brought a server with SBS 2003 R2
Premium, I had
| > > run the Internet and Email wizard and the Remote Access wizard
| > > actually using VPN on this site) a couple of months ago, now the
| > > wishes to have ISA Server 2004 installed and actually use VPN, I
| > > installed the ISA Server, and it all seems to be working... but I
cannot get
| > > VPN to work,
| > >
| > > Do I just need to run the SBS Remote Access Wizard, or is there
more steps
| > > involved with ISA 2004?
| > >
| > >