Re: Remote Desktop Connection to Server isn't working

Sorry if this posted twice:

I also compared the PID number for the 3389 port in the netstat results to
see which application task manager showed was using it, something called
alg.exe. I don't know if this is normal or not.

"rfIPS" wrote:

Hi, I just ran netstat and saw that 3389 was open and in listening state.

"John Oliver, Jr. [MVP]" wrote:

That is not the same as trying local to your network. On your local LAN try
RDP to your Server. Do you have any client firewall installed on your SBS
Server? Most AV clients now include a firewall. You can also run Netstat
on the SBS server to insure port 3389 is open and not in use.
John Oliver, Jr
Exchange MVP 2008
Microsoft Certified Partner

"rfIPS" <rfIPS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi. Yes. I just tried it from my home office by connecting first via VPN
then trying remote desktop and got the same error message.

"John Oliver, Jr. [MVP]" wrote:

So is this happening when you try RDP local to your LAN? In other words,
inside your network?

John Oliver, Jr
Exchange MVP 2008
Microsoft Certified Partner

"rfIPS" <rfIPS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We have SBS 03 SP2. I am suddenly unable to use Remote Desktop
my server. I am getting an error message:

"The client could not connect to the remote computer. Remote
might not be enabled might be too busy to accept new connections. It is
possible that network problems are preventing your connection. Please
connecting again laer. If the problem continues to occur, contact your

I checked to make sure Terminal Services was started.
Logged on physically to make sure there weren't extra log in sessions
weren't terminated properly.
There aren't any error messages in the event log.
Remote Access is properly configured under system properties.
I tried to connect via VPN and got the same error message.

This worked up until a few days ago. I believe the last update was
on 12.24.07 and it was working after that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.