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Can you elaborate on the problem with the low end firewall. Basically it
blocks the ports i am telling him to block. What else whould i want him to do?

Maybe I can intrude here:

1) Linksys uses NAT to protect you, claiming it's a firewall, but NAT is
a ROUTING method, not a firewall function.

2) Firewalls protect by doing a lot of things (at least todays firewalls
offer a lot) - they filter content out of HTTP and SMTP sessions, they
detect attacks and block the intruders IP, they provide detailed logs,
they act as VPN Tunnel endpoints for branch offices and mobile users...

Your Linksys won't handle the traffic of a fast DSL (or slow cable)
connection without problems - I've seen a small sorority with 30
residents swamp Linksys routers causing them to reboot or fail until
power cycled - a better unit, like the FVS-318 and the DFL-700 handled
the traffic without a problem.

If you value your data you want a real firewall, not some router
claiming (falsely) to be a firewall.


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