Re: Connect users from remote branch office to SBS

Why would you want to get rid of your ISA? Use that for secure access to the
internet and for RWW.

If you do want to go the hardware VPN route, the easiest would be to join
the servers at HQ first and then take them to the remote offices. But you
can also do it over the VPN (will be slow). You use the "connect" the same
way you would at HQ. You also need to make some routing entries first so
your SBS and your workstations at HQ can find the remote offices and vice
versa. Properly configured your workstations at the remote offices will
authenticate to the server at that office and they will only use the VPN for
access to HQ and the other remote office.

With option 2 all you need to do is to configure Outlook over http at the
remote offices. The number of connections with RWW depend on how many CALs
you have. With the number of people you are talking about there shouldn't be
any bandwidth problem.

If you are new to this and don't have much experience with network setups
and routing principles I really would recommend going with option 2 or hire
a consultant to help you set up your VPN structure.

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Thanks for your feed back...

Just so that i have this right in my i am a bit of a

The two options i have are:

1. get rid of isa and set up a hardware ptp vpn via the routers. i
already have one set up between office one and two...working well to
remote control one of the workstations...
If i choose this option how do i attach the server at office one to
the SBS domain? and then attach the workstations... do i need to
change the subnets?

2. use Remote Web Workplace to connect the users to the ts.

I currently have remote access set up via vpn and control who is able
to log in via vpn and all they do is use the sbs connection wizard
setup to log into the server and then i have set up to connect ot owa.

To set up the second option will i have to get the users to login via
the SBS connection and then use RWW that would mean 8 many connections can i have on SBS?

Any and all help is much appreciated?



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Both LazyJeff and Claus are right,hardwareVPN is a better way to go. A
things to consider, SBS, out of the box,has only 5 VPN addresses, you
to increase that mumber. Your 804v router and only handle 4 PPTP Tunnel
connections (16 if your using IPSec). Claus's recommendation will save
time, reduce your problems and saves money.

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I have a SBS 2003 r2 Premium server at the main office. There are two
branch offices i would like to connect back to the main office.

The current info is as follows..

Main Office


Office one - 6 users - one server computer and 6 workstations


Office two - 3 users - 2 workstation computers


I currently have the offices connected via ISA VPN Remote Site
Connections ie the main site has two nics and is using ISA and branch
offices are using D-Link 804HV routers via a dsl link.

The connections are up and running and the users can access their
emails via OWA, which is all they are doing at the moment. I would
like the users to beable to connect to the main office to access and
save documents, and connect to the intranet which has been setup up
via sharepoint.

Once this has been achieved i would like the users to beable to
connect to a terminal server at the main office to run applications.

At the moment users are unable to access intranet, and when trying to
access OWA they need to type in the IP address of the server computer
rather than the name...iehttp://
they are able to access emails after receiving a certificate error.

From what i have read i should beable to setup the server in Office
one as a backup dc so clients at the office can authenticate through
the local server rather than the main office.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to beable to achieve the


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