Re: i disagree

SEE, even when I don't know the first thing about what I'm talkin' about,
I'm still right.



"Costas" <cpstechgroup@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I had to try it myself on a Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 and SBS 2003
R2 with SP2.

It seems that the distinction is between the 'domain-based multiple,
stand-along single' and you are correct in your interpretation. I always
thought that you could create one namespace per computer, and even when I
saw the KB article earlier, that's how I interpret it. But after trying it
it seems it doesn't work like that.

"SuperGumby [SBS MVP]" <not@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
it's something I know nothing about but the way I read the article is

After you apply this update, Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition can
support more than one domain-based DFS namespace. However, this update
does not enable Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition to support more
than one stand-alone DFS namespace.

Domain member, multiple. Standalone server, single. or is the distinction
domain vs standalone DFS? _can_ you have a 'standalone' DFS on a domain
member and/or DC?

but like I say, I've played with this _nil_

"Costas" <cpstechgroup@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It still doesn't work. Actually the link to the KB article states it
too under "Notes":

"However, Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition supports only one
domain-based DFS namespace or one stand-alone DFS namespace per

Just to clarify things....There can be multiple DFS namespaces pointing
to different computers, but only 'one' per computer, when the O/S is
Windows Server Standard.


"Kyle Blake" <KyleBlake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Based on this link:;en-us;903651

I will be trying this on a windows 2003 R2 Server with SP2 next week.