Re: ??? Exchange MTA Stacks not running ???

Not sure Dave. Maybe then for outgoing only. I have a client using v 12 on
non-SBS Exchange and as part of the setup it changed the MTA to auto.

"Dave Nickason [SBS MVP]" <gwdibble@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I use GFI for incoming faxes only and don't have MTA running. Could that
be a version thing? (Mine's about a year old - just got the bill for
support renewal yesterday).

"Steve" <newsgroup@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
At least 1 3rd party program (GFI Faxmaker) requires the MTA to be

"Medthump" <medthump1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The MTA services are only used when you are routing email between
multiple Exchange servers within the same organization. You will not
need these for SBS 2003. If the X bothers you, you can remove the
items that includes the checking of the MTA Stacks Service.