Re: RWW Attack using 'Administrator'

Logon Type 10 – RemoteInteractive

When you access a computer through Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or Remote Assistance windows logs the logon attempt with logon type 10 which makes it easy to distinguish true console logons from a remote desktop session. Note however that prior to XP, Windows 2000 doesn’t use logon type 10 and terminal services logons are reported as logon type 2.

Do you have port 3389 open to the web? If so that could be TSgrinder attacks.

IanB wrote:
Yesterday, we had 455 access attempts from, in short bursts over 20 mins, with 2 - 3 attempts per second; data from the Security Log. Logon Type 10, LogOn Process User 32.

There is no sign of the password being compromised to give access, however it was made easier by having 'administrator' as the UserNname.

Is it possible to change the User Name to a new randomly generated name without causing downstream problems?