Re: Svchost.exe taking all CPU time when PC's connected to network


Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their assisatnce on this one. I got
the problems sorted and it turned out to be the windows updates causing the
problem. Once the latest updates were installed on the server all the updates
appeared on the workstations and after they were installed the problem went



"Les Connor [SBS MVP]" wrote:

It's not in any way related to ISA.

If the computers are underpowered to start with (Celerons, 512 mb or less),
they'll be very seriously affected. More powerful computers are only
seriously affected ;-).

Get this fix on all computers, ASAP. It may not be a complete resolution, as
this issue is still under investigation. But it certainly helps.

Les Connor [SBS MVP]

"Tom Morton" <TomMorton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Cheers for your help Lanwench.

I am experiencing this problem on multiple PC's 20 or so. It is possible
that ISA has possibly been reconfigured and is blocking the windows
If that was the case would it cause the problems you talking about, if the
windows update service was trying to connect and was being blocked could
cause svchost.exe to max out the CPU processor time?

Thanks again


"Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]" wrote:

Tahir @ Toronto <tahir_naseem@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Run webroot scan from at server and all workstations. You
must be infected by a virus.

This isn't the most likely culprit - see my reply.

I had a similar problem at SBS 2000 with many workstations. I was
upgrading from SBS 4.5 to 2000, one of the workstation infected my new
SBS 2000 server and in return all the workstation got infected high
cpu network completely down. I had format the whole server, reinstall
in isolation, load up Norton AV and then reintroduce into the network
and oh yeah I had NAV installing earlier and on all workstation but if
captured %$## all.
Let me know what worked ?