Re: WSUS Client polling interval

Hi John,

Yes, that's it exactly - the client polls the server to see if there are any
pending updates, and if so, pulls them down and the user can click the
yellow shield or wait and overnight they will be applied at the set time. I
would have thought this was a push service, rather than a client pull - I
was looking all over the server to set it to no avail. The polling interval
on the client is set via group policy, and it took me a while to find it:

Server Management>>Advanced Management>> Group
Policy>>Forest>>Domain>>Update Services Common Settings - right-click &
Edit. Then Computer Config>>Admin Templates>>Windows Components>>Windows
Update>> Automatic Updates detection frequency Properties.

Mine was set to enabled and 1, I changed it to enabled and 12, then did a
gpupdate /force and poof, no more frustrating hang time. If you set it to
Not Configured it will poll every 22 hours (?? weird number of hours??
whatever...) Hope this helps, it was driving me nuts!


"John" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What was set to 1hr and how did you change it? Are you talking about the
client? We are experiencing the same problem. Microsoft has our company
testing AU ver3 and WSUS ver 3 in a lab enviroment. In prod we currently
have wsus turned off because clients are crippled for 45min to 1hr. We
really want to turn wsus back on but havent found a solution to the
KB927891 has been applied on all client machines, didnt help.

"SusanV" wrote:

Nevermind, I found it. It was set to 1 hour - changed it to 12.


"SusanV" <svanallen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

SBS 2003 R2, WSUS is deploying approved updates to clients with no
troubles, and I have the clients set to update (and reboot if required)
3 AM, which makes the users happy - more or less. The problem is the
wuauclt.exe process (and svchost) are running on an hourly basis, and
during the 1-3 minutes they run, they take the entire CPU, dragging the
down to useless until the process finishes. Is there any way through GP
otherwise that I can schedule this to only poll the server during
non-business hours? It's making people rather frustrated... Oh and I
already got the KB927891 hotfix from MS, and although that has made it
bit better (doesn't run as long) it's still annoying.