Re: How to Determine if SBS 2003 Standard or Premium is Installed


Erm, Premium and SBS2003 sp1 are separate and different things one
could install on SBS2003 Standard. I am guessing you are familiar with

In SBS2003, the components have been made 'more' modular. Since
there's now a "Standard" edition of SBS, it starts out with SBS2003
Standard, and then things get applied or installed over it.

SBS2003 sp1 comes in 2 flavours - the Standard edition of sp1 can be
downloaded from the Net, the Premium edition of SBS2k3sp1 includes
the standard and has more components that are only available via CD -
this includes ISA2004 and sp4 for SQL2000.

To install SBS sp1, one has to first install Windows2k3sp1 then SBS2k3sp1.

Your original question was whether there was an easy way just by looking
at the software, which version was installed (and we assume whether it was
appropriately licensesd). Jim answered that there wasn't a simple way.
To answer your latest question, yes SBS2k3sp1 is a separate install from
SQL2k, and the patches for SQL2k are part of SBS2k3sp1 Premium
but could also be separately installed (which I did before I received the
CD for Premium's sp1).

Eugene Tan

"allanc" <allan.for.g.groups@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just to clarify (for my own sanity)....
If the other vendor installed the Premium version that includes SQL
2000, then there is *no* SBS 2003 SP1 to install, correct?

On Feb 23, 12:30 pm, "Eugene Tan" <TechHelp-> wrote:
SBS Premium comes with SBS2003 Standard Disc 1, 2 etc, plus 2
Premium Technologies CD (contains ISA2004 and SQL2005WG),
plus another CD for R2.

If you have SBS2003 Standard, you won't have the Premium CDs.
You would install SBS2003 Std, followed by SBS2003 sp1, then R2,
to get SBS2003 Standard R2.

Hope this answers your question.

Eugene Tan

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Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean.
Are there not 2 distinct CDs labelled 'CD 1'?
a. SBS 2003 Standard R2 Disc 1
b. SBS 2003 Premium R2 Disc 1

On Feb 23, 7:10 am, "Eugene Tan" <TechHelp-> wrote:
And that's because SBS Premium is installed over SBS Standard.

Eugene Tan

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Unfortunately there is no way to tell. That is why it is important
the CDs and all licensing documentation in a safe place for future

Jim Martin - (MSFT)
Microsoft Corporation

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