RE: OWA HTTP 500 Error for users, but not for Admin (?)

Hello Steven

Thank you very much for your time Steven.

I followed your advice (3hours ;), but still cannot get it to work. But
there's some more info on this.

1. If login as the main "Administrator" - everything works perfectly
2. If any user, who belongs to the group of "Administrators" logs in - no
right side panel
3. None of the previously added users can see the right side panel in OWA
4. For 3 new users (Users Group) added today - everything is ok and they
work with OWA
5. Local or Remote OWA login - same problem exists
6. No updates are missing. SBS2003 STD with SP1/ Exch SP2 latest available.
7. Whe I try to chage existing users' permissions from Users to Power Users
- still no OWA
8. All services for Symantec 10 disabled and EXCH folders excluded - same

I found on the net some more people asking for the same, but so far, no one
could help.

Anything else that I can try please?

Thank you Steven once again

"Steven Zhu [MSFT]" wrote:


Thanks for posting here.

From your post, my understanding on this issue is: When you access the
Exchange Server via OWA, you cannot see the right pane in OWA; and this
issue disappeared in administrator account. If I am off base, please feel
free to let me know.

Based on the information I have now, Please help me collect the following
information in order to narrow down this issue:

1. Please let me know whether you got any error message in right pane.

2. Please refer to the following steps to solve this issue:

Troubleshooting OWA when the contents frame displays "Loading"

According to the test these results, we will then focus on server side or
client side troubleshooting:

Troubleshoot Server Side Problems:
1. Enabling SSL at the Web Site level may cause issues since SSL cannot be
enabled on the "Exadmin" folder. Please perform the steps below:

1) Open IIS, right click Default Web Site.

2) Right click on Exchange virtual directory, and click properties.

3) On Directory Security tab, click Edit button under "Secure

4) Uncheck "Require secure channel(SSL)" option.

If you need to configure SSL, please only configure it to the "Exchange"
virtual directory.

For more information, please refer to the following article:

XADM: You Receive an SSL Certificate Error Message When You View Public
Folders in Exchange System Manager

2. Use Outlook to connect and see if there is a mailbox issue.

3. Connect to some other pages on the server. This allows us to know if
this is an IIS/ IE related issue. For example:
"http://<server name>/iisstart.htm" or "http://<server name>/iisstart.asp".

4. If you have IIS Lockdown and URLscan on your server, ensure they are
configured correctly. I would like to provide the following article for
your reference. Also, I recommend you disable all other applications on the
Exchange Server:

309508 XCCC: IIS Lockdown and URLscan Configurations in an Exchange

Notice if you have any anti-virus programs installed on your Exchange
Server, ensure it is not scanning the M: drive, the "exchsrvr" and
"inetsrv" folders. Also as far as I know, if you use Norton, please use
"MAPI" mode instead of VAPI, VAPI/MAPI. For more information, please refer
to the following article:

317953 OL: You Cannot Move, Synchronize, or AutoArchive Messages

5. Check File System Permissions:

Any account that you use to troubleshoot an Outlook Web Access error must
have Read and Execute permissions for the following directories on the
computer running Exchange:

- WinNT\system32\
- WinNT\System32\inetsrv\
- Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\
- Program Files\Exchsrvr\RES\
- WinNT\System32\wbem\
- Program Files\Exchsrvr\Exchweb\

6. Check IIS Permissions:

1) In Internet Information Services, click to expand the local computer
object, click to expand Web Sites, and then click Default Web Site.

2) In the details pane, right-click Exchweb, and then click Properties.

3) On the Virtual Directory tab, verify that Read is selected.

4) In the details pane, right-click bin under Exchweb, and then click

5) On the Virtual Directory tab, verify the following:

- Read is selected
- Under Application Settings, that Execute Permissions is set to Scripts
and Executables

Troubleshoot Cliend Side Problems:
1. If the issue appears when you connect to OWA remotely, please test from
the same LAN as the Exchange Server. Also since a firewall or proxy server
between the client computer and the server may block requests from the
browser on the client computer. Please check the following IE option:

Open IE-> Click Tools-> Internet Options-> Connections-> LAN Settings->
Clear the proxy usage.

2. See if ActiveX controls are permitted to run in Internet Explorer:

1) In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

2) On the Security tab, click the zone to which your Exchange server
belongs, and then click Custom Level.

3) Under Settings, scroll down to Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins and
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting, and then ensure that
these options are set to Enable.

3. Temporarily close all other programs and uninstall any anti-virus
programs since these programs may cause conflicts, and simply closing
anti-virus programs may not close all their background processes.

If anything is unclear, or if you need further assistance on this issue,
please let me know the result of the steps above. I will be glad to be of
further assistance.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Steven Zhu
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