Re: IPSEC Service

Lawrence Rodis wrote:

My IPSEC service wil not start because the IPSEC driver is starting in bypass
mode. The messages I get in the event log are:
The IPSec Driver is starting in Bypass mode. No IPSec security is being
applied while this computer starts up. IPSec policies, if they have been
assigned, will be applied to this computer after the IPSec services start.

This first part is normal.

and then
The IPSEC Services service terminated with the following error:
The specified module could not be found.

This isn't. It suggests some key file may have been removed/moved/mislaid/blocked/etc. If the event entry tells you which module that'd make it reasonably easy to fix. If not, you may need to use something like FILEMON from Sysinternals to watch the IPSec service attempting to start, and look for errors.

Alternatively, you could try from a command prompt "sfc /scannow" - have your SBS CDs ready if you use this.

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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