RE: Sent Faxes Disappearing

Crina Li,
Thank you for your assistance with my faxing problem. I have followed
your instructions and now time will tell if the problem is solved. As I have
researched this problem, I have found that I am having problems with printer
spooling files. My backup job log shows that backup was unable to open
c:\windows\system32\spool\printers\FP00060.shd and a host of similar .shd
files, the number of which seem to grow on a daily basis. A look at that
directory shows each .shd file listed in the backup error and a corresponding
..spl file with a time stamp matching the .shd files. Could the buildup of
these files be related to my faxing problem? What might be the cause of this
buildup of files and can it be corrected?
Greg Henry

""Crina Li"" wrote:

Hi Greg,

Thank you for posting in SBS newsgroup.

From the description, I understand the issue to be: You are experiencing
intermittent problems with faxes disappearing when sending Fax. If I have
misunderstood your concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Firstly I have checked your fax modem and find it is not on the Windows
Server 2003 HCL. We may not guarantee its functionality under Windows
Server 2003. However I will try to provide some suggestion for your issue.

Networking and Modems, External Modems

As I know, the Outbox is the queue of all submitted outgoing faxes that
have not been successfully sent. After an outgoing fax has successfully
been sent, it is moved to the Sent Items folder, which stores all
successfully sent faxes. So I would like to suggest you try the following

A. Make sure outgoing fax is not disabled
1. Open Server Management from the Start Menu.
2. Right click on "Fax (local)" in the tree and go to "Properties".
3. On the General page, make sure the "Disable submission of new outgoing
faxes" and "Disable transmission of outgoing faxes" check boxes are NOT
4. If they are checked, clear them and Click OK.
5. Click on the plus next to "Fax (local)".
6. Click on the plus next to "Devices".
7. Right click on the modem listed under Devices and choose "Properties".
8. If there is not a check in the box labeled "Send Faxes," put a check in
this box, click Apply and then OK.
9. Right click on "Fax (local)" and choose Stop. Then right click on it
again and choose Start.

B. Make sure the "Sent Items" are archived in an existent folder
This issue can occur if you are archiving the sent items to a non-existent
folder. I suggest you do the following steps:

1. Open Server Management from the Start Menu.
2. Right click on "Fax (local)" in the tree and go to "Properties".
3. Click the "Sent Items" tab.
4. In the "Archive folder" section, make sure all sent items are archived
to an existent folder. You can click Browse to point to another folder.
5. Click OK.
6. Right click on "Fax (local)" and choose Stop. Then right click on it
again and choose Start.

C. Make sure Everyone has the "Allow: Fax" permission
1. Open Server Management from the Start Menu.
2. Right click on "Fax (local)" in the tree and go to "Properties".
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Make sure Everyone group is listed and has the "Allow: Fax" permission.
5. Click OK.
6. Right click on "Fax (local)" and choose Stop. Then right click on it
again and choose Start.

D. Please try to stop the fax services and restart the fax service to see
how thing goes. Also please re-register Faxcfgc.dll:

1. Open a command prompt, type

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business

2. Reboot.

E. You may also try to remove the Fax Services and then reinstall it as

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Click "Change or Remove Programs".
3. Click "Windows Small Business Server 2003", click Change/Remove.
4. Go to "Component Selection" Page, and select "Remove" action at "Fax
5. Repeat the above steps and select "Install" action at "Fax Service"

Related information:

Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring and Using Fax on Windows Small Business
Server 2003

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Crina Li (MSFT)

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| My users are experiencing intermittent problems with faxes disappearing
| they click on Finish from the Send Fax Wizard. Even if they choose to
| receive an e-mail notification of the status of the fax, they receive
| nothing. The fax job does not appear in the Outbox or Sent Items folders
| the Fax Console. I have noticed that in the Printers and Faxes folder
| Fax Printer shows 95 documents and shows the status as ready. I have
| the msfax\queue folder and it also appears to be holding onto a growing
| number of .FQE, .FQP and .tif files which appear sometimes to correspond
| "lost" faxes. Our fax modems are both USR model 5610B installed on an
| SBS2003 serving running Exchange and MSFax (console version is 5.2). My
| users are all Windows 2003 Standard Terminal Server RDP clients. I would
| appreciate your help in solving this problem. Thank you
| --
| Greg Henry