Re: OWA slow for users to pull up

Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I will use much of this info
and file away the rest for reference.
Problem is solved; turns out the service I use for the IP (
changed our IP sometime Sunday morning. This caused a problem with the MX
record. Once I updated that, OWA was enabled and the remote user was able
to get in just fine.

"chace zhang" <v-chacez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Thank you for posting here.

According to your description, I understand you can access OWA internal,
but from specific remote location, user can not access Outlook Web Access.

In order to better assistance, please let me know the following questions:

1. Can you access OWA from another location remotely?
2. What is the detailed error message that the end-user encountered,
please send me the screen shot of the error message as an email

To do this, please follow the steps below:

a) When the screen appears, press PrScrn (this key is located to the right
of the F12 key on the keyboard)
b) Create a new Word document and open it.
c) Press Ctrl + V to paste the screen shot into the document.
d) Send this document as the mail's attachment to me:

3. Do you publish OWA using ISA 2004 with Form Based Authentication?
4. Does the published FQDN can be resolved to correct public IP address?
You can use NSLOOKUP command to verify the name resolution is correct.

If you can not access OWA from all internet workstation, let's focus on
Network configuration.

1. Increase the connection limit time

Please open the ISA Server management console, navigate to Configuration->
General-> Define Connection Limits-> Connection Limit, and then uncheck
"Limit the number of connections" option.

After that, please restart the ISA firewall service.

2. Open the properties box of the OWA web listener, go to the Preferences
tab, click Authentication, make sure the "Require all users to
authenticate" option is not checked.

If the problem persists, please kindly help me gather the following info
for further troubleshooting:

1. Do you have any other web publishing rules?

2. What's the network diagram? It will be better if you could draw me a
detailed diagram so that I can have a clear understanding on your network.

3. Please help to gather the ISA Info:

1) Download the file from the following URL:

2) Extract all files to a folder on ISA server.
3) Double click Isainfo.js. This will generate 2 files
ISAInfo2004-<computer-name>.log and ISAInfo2004-<computer-name>.xml in the
current folder.
4) Please send these files to me at v-edtian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

6. Please also help to gather the ISA logs:

1) Schedule a down time.

2) Open ISA 2004 management console.

3) Expand the server node and highlight 'Monitoring'.

4) In the right pane, switch to the 'Logging' tab, make sure the 'Task
Pane' is showed there.

5) In the 'Task Pane', click 'Configure Firewall Logging' under 'Logging
Tasks', and then switch the 'log storage format' from 'MSDE database'
(default) to 'File'.

6) Switch to the 'Fields' tab, click 'Select All', and then click OK.

7) In the 'Task Pane', click 'Configure Web Proxy Logging' under 'Logging
Tasks', and then switch the 'log storage format' from 'MSDE database'
(default) to 'File'.

8) Switch to the 'Fields' tab, click 'Select All', and then click OK.

9) Click 'Apply' to save changes and update the configuration.

10) Temporarily disable the Firewall service. To do that, please click
Monitoring | Services tab, and then right click 'Microsoft Firewall' to
choose 'Stop'.

11) Clear the current existing W3C logs. To do that, go to the log saving
directory and clean any existing .W3C logs. By default, the logs will be
saved to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISALogs'. (Some MDF may
be able to deleted, that's normal.) You may backup them first and then
delete them.

12) Go back to the ISA 2004 management console, and then Start the stopped
'Microsoft Firewall' service.

13) Reproduce the problem, stop the service, and then gather the resulting
W3C files to me for analysis.

14) Please also let me know the IP address of the testing clients so that
can filter the data.

If this symptom only occurs on specific workstation. Let's perform the
following steps on the problematic client.

Step 1: Clean Boot
To avoid any affect from third party software, please perform a clean
and then check if there is any change.

To perform a clean boot, follow the steps below:

A. Click Start, click Run, type "msconfig" (without the quotation marks)
and click OK.
B. Select "Selective Startup" and remove the check box for "Load Startup
C. On the "Services" tab, click Enable All.
D. Check "Hide all Microsoft Services", click Disable All and clear "Hide
all Microsoft Services".
E. Click the OK button and then Click Yes to restart your computer.
F. Try again.

Step 2. Delete the cookies

1) Click Start, click Search and click For Files or Folders
2) Type "Cookies" (without the quotation marks) and click Search Now
3) Delete files in the cookie directory

Step 3. Delete all the temporary files

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Click Tools, click Internet Options and click Delete Files button in
General tab

Step 4. Delete the downloaded objects

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Click Tools, click Internet Options and click settings button in the
General tab.
3) Press View Objects.
4) Remove all the Objects there.

Step 5. Remove the Plug-Ins in Internet Explorer

1) Close all the Internet Explorer windows.
2) Open a Windows Explorer window by right Click My Computer and choose
3) Locate the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\PLUGINS
4) Remove all the files in this folder.

Step 6. Delete SoftwareDistribution folder

1) Stop Automatic Updates service.
a. Click Start, click Run, type services.msc.
b. In the right pane, stop the Automatic Updates service.
2) Delete C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder.
3) Test the issue again.

Step 7. Disable all third party Add-ons

1) Open Internet Explorer.
2) Click Tools to select Manage Add-ons.
3) Disable all third party Add-ons.

Also please try to access other HTTPS website, can this user can access
login website?

Thanks for your time and cooperation. Please let me know if you have any
questions or concerns.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

Chace Zhang (MSFT)

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| Running SBS 2003 Premium, WSUS, ISA 2004, 2 NIC's, router and satellite
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| I recently implemented OWA and ahve used it a few times. It comes up
| for me - a bit slow, but I attribute that to the latency of satellite.
| remote user (graduate student at a university at the east end of the
| has had great difficulty getting connected. She keeps getting an error
| "cannot establish a connection". She's using IE6. I tell her that the
| thing I can think of is to keep pressing F5 - she's been able to connect
| once in about 5 days - but I'm thinking there might be something I
| can do at this end to help out users like her.
| Any ideas?
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| Mike Webb
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