Re: SBS 2003 OWA only working on lan, no public connection

1st idea.
Instead of making things more complex (I added sharepoint...) STOP!!!

Are you attempting to access the public IP from inside the router LAN (in
which case it is probably router loopback preocessing failing rather than
any problem with SBS)?

2nd idea.
When attempting to acess SBS facilities from outside the LAN what error
message do you receive? In what way does it 'go wrong'?

3rd idea.
SBS wizards do nothing with port 8081. Please explain more fully.

"ajred" <jmorin78@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Good Day.

Here is my setup, sbs 2003 with exchange 2003. I do not have
ISA server installed. I have ports 4125, 443 and 80 forwarded in the
router. I have 1 nic installed.

I ran through the wizard to setup OWA and RWW. After wizard
completes, I can use owa and RWW on the Lan but there but I cannot
connect to OWA or RWW from the outside (public IP). To test IIS I setup
sharepoint with the wizard and forwarded port 8081. I connected from
the outside with no problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance