Re: User getting "Account is Locked Out" for 2 days

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Are you using roaming profiles? I have seen a user's profile get
corrupted and have it cause very strange thnigs to happen.

To fix it, Make sure the user is logged off everywhere. I find
another system on the network where the user has logged onto
recently. Then pull the network cable from that system to disconnect
it from the network. Log on and log off using cached credentials,
making this local profile newer than the one on the server. Then
reconnect the workstation to the network and log on / off again. This
will copy the good profile to the server. I delete the user's corrupt
profile from the original system before letting them log back on.

I have also seen this problem back in the NT days where there was a
registry tweek that was needed to fix the problem. (NT domain with
win2000 workstations) The solution was found on the MS Knowlege
base. I cannot remember now what it was.

Also, make sure the workstation's DNS settings are pointing to the SBS

Buddy G.

You could also just do this:

a) rename the server copy of the user's profile folder, and have the user
log back into that specific workstation & log out again, to upload the local
copy to the server
b) log into the workstation as the admin and delete the cached profile in
the system applet in control panel, then have the user log in to download
the server copy

Depends which one is whacked.

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I have a user that just started coming to me with his account being
locked out. While waiting for me to get to him yesterday it must
have passed the grace period and allowed him to log in, but today
he has the same problem...he goes to log in and gets a message
about his account being locked...then he waits and if he can log in
he can't do anything on the network.

I brought his computer to my office and have been trying to figure
out what is going on...i have gone into his account and unchecked
the "account is locked out" box and then logged in as him. It will
go thorugh the synchronizing and open a few things, but a message
will pop-up saying it "could not reconnect all network drives" and if i
try to go to a shared drive I get a message asking for a
password and then it will say:

"Logon Unsucessful - The username you typed is the same as the
username you logged in with. That user name has already been
tried. A domain controller cannot be found to verify that user
name." Then i'll look at his account properties at that point and the
"Account is locked out" is checked again.

I am not typing his password incorrectly when logging in. I've
tried changing the password to see if this helps. Please advise...


Disable account lockout - it's bad news.