Re: Cingular 8125 and ActiveSynch

I appreciate your response, but for right now, I'm not concerned with getting
the certificate installed. I just want to get the phone to synch with out
using SSL like the other phone. Then I can worry about the SSL. Do you
beleive that these two things are related?
Lincoln Spencer

"Arthur" wrote:

Not sure if this is any help

I was told by MS Support that the problems with metabase.xml and the
compression could be phone specific but it doesn't sound like that is your
problem here.
What error message do you get when you copy the cert to the phone and click
to install ?
I seem to recall that I had to export the cert with base-64 encoded even
though the documentation says to use DER encoded

"SVCTech" <SVCTech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thank you guys for your responses.

It is Active Synch 4.1 that comes with the phone. I've tried using the
version on the disk and downloading a fresh copy from MS.

I would like to fix SSL, but the fact remains that I cannot get a
self-signed cert on the phones with SPAddCert.exe or by copying the cer
to the phone and running it. The last time I worried about it, Verizon
not have a utility that the tech support guy knew of and told me to use
spaddcert. And the client will not spend the money on a third party cert.

In either case, I would think that it would be irrelevant here since the
Verizon Treo 700w phone is not having any problems doing this
with Exchange. If there was a problem with the server, wouldn't it be a
correct assumption that the Treo should be exhibiting the same problem as
Lincoln Spencer

"Cris Hanna (SBS-MVP)" wrote:

which version of Active Sync?

Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP]
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"SVCTech" <SVCTech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a client who just purchased a new 8125 PocketPC from Cingular
Windows Mobile 5.0.

They have a SBS Standard 2003 Server with all Service Packs (Exchange
included). Today I was trying to setup his phone to synch directly
Exchange on this server and keep getting the error 0x80830003. To add
perspective there is also a Verizon Treo 700w that another user uses
that has
abosolutely no issues synching with the server.

OMA is enabled in the CEICW. SSL is disabled until I can figure out
how to
get the certs to install (a seperate issue). I've made sure that the
settings in the 8125 for ActiveSynch are identical to the settings in
Verizon 700w. The Verizon phone continues to work, the 8125 does not.
is not installed, so article 830563 is of no help. I found where
someone in
another post had used a "Mobile Management Utility" to correct this
that they said was an additional download from MS, but cannot find it
download it. Used the Microsoft whitepaper on Windows Mobile as a
guide to
setup phone.

Cingular lays blame on the server, yet other phones have no problem.
still will not discuss it any further.

Does anyone know where I can find this mobile management utilty or have
alternate solution?

Lincoln Spencer