Re: Sharepoint Security - Help!!!!!

Hi Cris, The users that I want restricted are not shown as Admistrators, only
myself and two others are show as Administrators (this is the same as the
past). Do you think that it makes a differents that they just uploaded a
backed up version of sharepoint? Kevin

"Cris Hanna (SBS-MVP)" wrote:

Go to http://companyweb
Click on Site Settings
In the top section "Administration"
Click on Manage Users

Here you can see each user and what Site Group they are assigned to

I tend to believe you are going to find folks assigned to the Administrator's group, but let me know

We can go from there

Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP]
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"Kevin Gal" <KevinGal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:39FE6AAB-FBB4-4113-82F4-603173C49899@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Chris, I am in Calgary Alberta Canada
When they did the migration from one server to another it went from Standard
to Premium, The premissions I am specificly talking about is acess to the
differnt sharepoint document libraries that we have in our internal company
website. Prior to the upgrade these differnt libriares had defined
permissions as to who could look in them. Example I have one Library that has
broker commisons in it so I only wanted the broker and head office personal
to access this section. With the old server it was set by clicking on the
"modify settings and columns" and then on "change permissions for this
document" When I look in this section I see only the people I want accessing
this section. But anyone can still enter this section even though they are
not listed.

A couple of years ago when I set up the first server I noticed that the
permissions didn't work either, it was because I had added all the users as
"power users" when I deleted them from being a member of this sercurity group
(at the "User" INterface, not in sharepoint) the sharepoint permissions
started to work. So I think that it might be something like this again except
they are not members of "power users" however they are members of some groups
that I don't know want they are. So maybe these groups have power user like
permissions and if so how do I check.

And or anything else you think I should like at. Kevin

"Cris Hanna (SBS-MVP)" wrote:

> Kevin
> Sorry you've had such a disappointing experience with consultants. Unfortunately this happens all to often. It has been the reason that a couple of the "MVPs" got so involved is because they were in a similar situation.
> Your subject mentions Sharepoint. but your message seems to point to you thinking this is related to the upgrade to premium, however that typically doesn't touch Sharepoint.
> So to start, can you list a very detailed, step by step as to where you are looking to see who has "permissions".
> If you'd like to mention what part of the country/world you are in, we can see if there might be an MVP close by or tell you how to locate someone who is certified as a Small Business Specialist
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> Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP]
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> Please do not respond directly to me, but only post in the newsgroup so all can take advantage
> "Kevin Gal" <KevinGal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1DBC4612-F198-4F9A-B6BD-EEFCEC185F32@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I have been going through a migration from SBS2003 Standard to Premium on a
> new server. I had a number of tech guys in to handle this process, so far I
> feel all they have handled has been my money.
> Anyways, now the new server is up and running (kind of) there are no longer
> any restrictions on access to the differnt document libraries, even though
> the user does not appear on the permission list . Any user now has access to
> highly confidential files. I remember this being a problem before (I believe
> that when I have set up the users before on the first sever they were all
> power users and even though they were not on the permission lists they still
> had access). I have checked and the new server does not have them listed as
> power users.
> How can I restrict access and double check that it isn't some other option.
> Or better yet how do a restrict everyone and then allow the ones I want.
> There is also one other thing that is wrong. when I access the to change
> permissions and it asks if I want to send an email I get a bounce messege
> that says the email can't be sent etc... I do know that they changed our
> server name and this has caused internal bounce back how can this be changed?
> Thanks Kevin, Hoping someone can helP!!!