Re: Login Failures

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your information. I am jenny and I am backup of Steve for he is
now taking leave. I will continue work with you till Steve back. I am sorry
for inconvenience for that.

In the EVENT log, "Logon Type: 3" means that it is a network logon.
"Status code: 0xC00002EE" indicsates a STATUS_UNFINISHED_CONTEXT_DELETED.
It means that a security context was deleted before the context was
completed. This is considered a logon failure.

Based on my experience, there are problems that will generate this error

1. If there is firewall application installed
2. Windows Time is not synchronized.
3. There are applications from client computers trying to logon by
incorrect accounts and password.

What is the user account "msmith"? The audit always failed to audit the
user account.

I. For Firewall, please check the SBS Server and the client computer from
which the affected user logs on to make sure that there is no firewall
application installed. Please temporarily disable all filewalls on the SBS
server box and the client computer, then please test the issue and let me
know the result.

II. For logon by incorrect accounts and password, please open Active
Directory users and Computers or open the Server Management, please let me
know if the affected user account is disabled.

III. For Windows Time issue, I suggest that you do the following:

1. Please go to the workstation which the 537 events complain and run the
following command:

net time

2. Check if the workstation is syncing time with the SBS 2003 server and if
not, run the following command:

net time /setsntp:<SBS_Server_Name>

NOTE: Replace <SBS_Server_Name> with the real server name of the SBS 2003

3. Run the following command and check if the event does not occur
complaining this workstation:

w32tm /resync

4. After doing the above steps, reboot the client workstations and then try
to logon the domain. If the problem still occurs, please open a command
prompt on the workstation the event 537 complains, type 'w32tm /monitor
/computers:localhost' (without the quotation marks) and press Enter. What's
the output?

If the issue persists, please try the following suggestions to
troubleshooting the issue:

Suggestion One:

1. Go to the problematic computer, click Start -> Run, type MSCONFIG and
click OK.
2. Go to Services tab, click to Hide All Microsoft Services, click the
Disable All button.
3. Go to Startup tab, click the Disable All button.
4. Restart the client computer, check again to see if there are new failure
audit 537 events registered for the user account.

If the issue still exists, please go to Suggestion two.

Suggestion Two:

1. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Group Policy Management
2. Expand Domains -> Your Domain
3. Right click the Small Business Server Windows Firewall and click Edit
4. Computer configuration>Administrative templates>Network>Network
connections> Windows Firewall> Domain Profile;
5. In "Windows Firewall: Protect all network connections" should be set to
6. Run Gpupdate /force on your XP client
7. Logon and logoff your client and test your issue again.

NOTE: If the Windows XP computer has not SP2 applied, you need to check the
"small business server Internet connection firewall" policy.

If the issue still exists, please go to Suggestion three.

Suggestion Three:

Install the following update on the SBS Server:
898060 Installing security update MS05-019 or Windows Server 2003 Service

If the issue still exists after you applied the update Q898060, please go
to Suggestion four.

Suggestion Four:

1. Please logon a Lan computer with the user account (msmith), can still
the failure audit logged in Event Viewer?

2. If the issue persists, please try to remove the user account first and
then create a new user account with the same name and then test the issue
again, what is the result?

Hope it helps. I am glad to help.

Have a nice day!


Jenny Wu
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Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your update.

Steven is OOF now and I'm backing up this post. At the current stage, will
you please collect the following info:

Info 1. Security Log:

1. Open eventvwr.
2. Right click Security node and click Save Log File As.
3. Give it a name and save the log.

Info 2. GPResult.

1. Open CMD prompt and run the following command:
gpresult /v>C:\gpresult.txt
2. C:\gpresult.txt will be created.

Then, please e-mail the logs to pngfd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the following

Post ID: 33651409
Post Subject: Login Failures
Engineer: Steven Zhu

Thanks a lot for your time and we look forward to your update.


Bill Peng
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| Still having the same error even after changing that registry key.
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