RE: Can't connect to http://localhost:8081

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for using the SBS newsgroup.

From your description, I understand the issue to be: when you type
http://localhost:8081 in IE to access the SharePoint Central Administration
site, you received the page cannot be displayed error message. If I am off
base, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Let us check the following settings:

I. Please try to open the SharePoint Central Administration site by this:
Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> SharePoint Central
Administration, what is the result?

II. Please check the following settings:

1. Open IIS snap-in.
2. Right click SharePoint Central Administration and click Properties.
3. Under Web Site tab, make sure the TCP port listening on TCP: 8081. "IP
address" set as "All Unassigned" (if there is not ISA installed. If the ISA
server is installed, the "IP address" should set as "internalIP of the SBS
server box").
4. Click Directory Security tab,click Edit under "Authentication and access
5. Make sure that "Integrated Windows Authentication" item is checked.
6. Click Edit under "IP address and domain name restriction".
7. Make sure that "Granted access" has been selected.
8. Click Edit under "Secure communications".
9. Make sure that "Require secure channel (SSL)" has not been checked.
10. Then please run command "iisreset" (no quotation marks) to restart the
IIS server to take effects. Then please test the issue again, what is the

If the issue persists, please help me collect the following information:

1. Can you access the Companyweb site successfully? Also please check if
you can access the RWW site, OWA site and monitoring and reporting console

2. Please help me collect IIS log for analysis:

a. Open IIS MMC, right click Default Web Site and then click Properties.
b. Click Website tab and then check Enable logging.
c. Stop the Default Website and rename the existing IIS log files under
d. Restart the Default Website and try to reproduce the problem.
e. Wait for 15 minutes and go to the following folder:
f. Send me the latest log file to my working email address

I appreciate your time! I am happy to be of assistance to you and look
forward to your reply.

Have a nice day!


Jenny Wu
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I am trying to Administer my Windows SharePoint Services. When I type
http://localhost:8081, I get an error stating the page cannot be
displayed. I
have checked that all of the SharePoint serivces are running and I have
rerun CIECW. Any suggestions?