Re: SBS 2003 C: drive creeping disk space consumption

Thanks for your response. You should know that when I moved the data
folders and database files on the SBS, I read and followed the instructions
in the MS white papers and KB articles. I didn't have any problems
performing those tasks. At the completion of moving the data from the C:
drive to other drives, I was able to free up several GB of disk space. The
extra free space gave us some breathing room to investigate why the free
space was slowly being consumed.

Your confirmation that the server is writing to many log files was helpful
in our assessment of the problem. My concern is that, eventually, the C:
drive partition will fill up again. I'd like to keep the free space at 20%
or greater. Can the logs you mention, below, be moved to different
partitions, or their space controlled in some other way? For example, can
their sizes be fixed and the logging mechanisms be configured to reuse
existing space?


""Brandy Nee [MSFT]"" <v-branee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Steve,

Thank you for posting to the SBS 2K3 Server.

I am sorry for the delayed response due to the weekend. Please understand
that the newsgroups are staffed weekdays by Microsoft Support
to answer your systems and applications questions. Your understanding is
greatly appreciated!

I understand that on the SBS 2K3 SP1 Server, you notice the C drive is
losing space 2MB everyday. If I have misunderstood your concern, please
me know.

Please take your time to read through my reply:

Actually, this is a normal behavior.

On the SBS Server, there are many log files are being recorded everyday
being stored on the C drive. For example, Backup Log, Windows Update log,
Event Logs, Exchange database file etc.

To free up C drive, we can move some data folders to another drive. In
post, you mentioned "I've moved the Client Apps folder, several Exchange
Server files, and the paging file to other drives on the machine". May I
know whether you strictly followed our White Paper and KB articles to move
the Data Folders?

Please see:

Moving Data Folders for Windows Small Business Server 2003

[NOTE]: Before attempting to move the database files, please make a full
backup of your system.

You can also move the users and company shared folders to the new drive.
This KB article also applies to SBS 2003:

329640 How to Move Small Business Server 2000 Company and Users Shared

You can also run the disk cleanup tool to clean up the system volume. The
KB310312 also can be applies to SBS 2003:

310312 Description of the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows XP

In addition, you may consider the following suggestions to free your disk

301471 How to Delete the Web Cache on Internet Security and Acceleration

123747 Moving the Windows Default Paging and Spool File

814594 How to Locate and Correct Disk Space Problems on NTFS Volumes

Hope it helps! If you have any further questions or concerns on this
please feel free to let me know. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Brandy Nee

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I have a client that is using SBS 2003 with SP1. The OS came
from Dell with only 12 GB on the C: drive. To gain some room on the C:
drive, I've moved the Client Apps folder, several Exchange Server files,
the paging file to other drives on the machine. In the daily server
reports, I'm noticing that the C: drive is slowing losing free space at
rate of about 2 MB per day. I'm suspicious that a component of the OS is
writing to a log file or something like that. The C: drive was losing
space before the relocation of the files mentioned before, so the act of
relocating them probably isn't the cause.

Does anyone have an idea about what might be the cause of the slow
consumption of free space and what to do to halt it?