Re: ClamAV + Exchange + Windows 2003

Is ClamAV even supported on Win2k3 platform? I never heard of it being.
Clam is generally used on F/OSS machines(linux boxes) for Sendmail
servers and whatnot. Even the free Windows version DOES NOT use a real
time scanner, which you'll want.
I'd go with a more reputable AV solution with a dedicated support staff.
I love Linux, but when the fecal matter strikes the oscilating device,
do you want to tell business owners that you have to hope+wait until
someone replies to an online chat group with a solution to your issue?

Given some of the other companies records, I'd highly recommend Panda
Software. They've got Exchange clients and Linux clients as well.

sp wrote:
> ClamAV + Exchange + Windows 2003
> Has anybody integrated Exchange with ClamAV (On one machine)? Anybody
> use ClamAV with Server 2003? How is it work?
> If everything working OK can anybody send manual How to Setup ClamAV on
> Exchange?


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