Failure to Clear the ARP Cache

This is a repost I lost track of it because other issues popped up
that trumped this and I need to get back to it. Edward, I saw your
post but can't reply now. I would like to dialog with you on the
Dell PowerEdge 2850 with two embedded nic cards.
OS: Windows 2003 SBS SP 1

After experiencing intermittent connection issues on the NIC connected
to the Internet. I decided to try a repair on the Network Connection.

I received the following error message:
Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following
action cannot be completed: Clearing the ARP Cache.

I tried disabling/enabling the NIC card which often clears up the
intermittent connection problem for a number of hours. The problem
comes back.

I tried to run Repair on the internal NIC and got the same message.

First, can anyone confirm this is not normal behavior?

Second, what steps should I take to return normal behavior to the NIC
cards. My guess is Winsock damage.

Third what are the negative outcomes associated with the command:
netsh winsock reset ?

As always, I appreciate your feedback.