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>I checked the logs when it happened on two machines and there did not seem
> be any errors. They are roaming profiles. Any more ideas?

Does this happen when a user without a roaming profile logs in?

Make sure offline caching is *disabled* on your roaming profile share
properties on the server. This is a biggie.
How big are the roaming profiles?
You may need to take ownership of the profile folders on the server if you
didn't select the GP option to add Administrators to the permissions....take
control as administrators (the group) and then reset the NTFS permissions so
that Administrators, System and Users have Full Control. You should then be
able to open the folders & see the file sizes (TreeSize Pro helps - google
for it).

My boilerplate on roaming profiles:

1. Set up a share on the server. For example - d:\profiles, shared as
profiles$ to make it hidden from browsing.
2. Make sure the share permissions on profiles$ indicate everyone=full
control. Set the NTFS security to administrators, system, and users=full
3. In the users' ADUC properties, specify \\server\profiles$\%username% in
the profiles field
4. Have each user log into the domain once from their usual workstation
(where their existing profile lives) and log out. The profile is now


* Make sure users understand that they should never log into multiple
computers at the same time when they have roaming profiles (unless you make
the profiles mandatory by renaming ntuser.dat to so they can't
change them). Explain that the
last one out
wins, when it comes to uploading the final, changed copy of the profile.

* Keep your profiles TINY. Redirect My Documents
to a subfolder of each user's home directory on the server - either via
group policy (folder redirection) or manually (less advisable). If you
aren't going to also redirect the desktop using policies, tell people that
they are not to store any files on the desktop or you will beat them with a
stick. Big profile=slow login/logout, and possible profile corruption.

* Note that user profiles are not compatible between different OS versions,
even between W2k/XP. Keep all your computers. Keep your workstations as
identical as possible - meaning, OS version is the same, SP level is the
same, app load is (as much as possible) the same.

* Do not let people store any data locally - all data belongs on the server.

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> "paploo77" wrote:
>> HI, We have sbs 2003 and about 10 users, all xp2 on them. Sometimes when
>> a
>> user logs on in the morning their desktop and settings do not appeear.
>> You
>> can log on but the screen will just have the screensaver but no icons
>> appear
>> on the desktop - the machine is just frozen, This happens every so often
>> to
>> different machines - about 5 in total have experienced this. In order to
>> get
>> things working again you need to manually shut down the machine and then
>> upon
>> a restart it is back to normal. Do you know why this is happening -
>> please
>> help- thanks
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