RE: lost exchange access

Yes, I've tried that.

A little more detail, I changed the port because I was installing SSL
Explorer, which of course conflicts on 443. I was playing with options to
eliminate the conflict, which involved a) changing the intranet port or b)
chaning the SSL Explorer port.

But, in looking through support resources on microsoft, I did see some items
which lead me to believe that there might be an overall problem accessing OWA
with an active SSL program. Is this true. Once SSL Explorer is working, am I
going to be able to access OWA anyway?


"Rob" wrote:

> Try running the Internet Connection Wizard in Server manager. Don't change
> anytrhing unless its a wrong setting.
> "Ann Warner" wrote:
> > I temporarily changed the ssl setting of the default web site from 443 to
> > 444. I lost access to OWA.
> >
> > Even after changing it back to 443 I can no longer access OWA. I get a HTTP
> > 404 - file not found message.
> >
> > How do I get exchange access back?
> >
> > Ann Warner