Re: Trend - Clients shows disconnected.

What is the IP address of a client computer that has this problem, compared
to the IP address shown in the Officescan managment console for that

I don't suppose you have a single nic SBS with DHCP on the router, do you?

Les Connor [SBS Community Member - SBS MVP]
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"KevinK" <KevinK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have Trend CSM running.
> 3 of the workstations are showing as disconnected in the Trend console,
> and
> therefore not getting daily updates. I can and have been, manually
> updating
> each periodically.
> But why have they gone into disconnected mode ?
> And
> How can I get them back to normal ?
> Everything was running fine until a couple of weeks ago, I don't / didn't
> see any events etc that would cause this.
> 2 are wireless, one is wired, all XP and patched to current via SUS and
> now
> The other 2 machines are getting their updates from the server fine.
> All of the workstations are running fine on the network.
> Sign Me
> Confused !!


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