Re: Need some (lots) of help on SBS 2003

From: Newby (
Date: 02/17/05

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 22:41:40 -0000 a lot of useful info here

"Dog Bowl" <> wrote in message
I've got one of those bowel moving moments on SBS 2003. The previous
admin guy passed away and the guy who runs the company has asked me to
give him a hand workign out what the company has. Its a small company
with 3 PCs connected to an SBS 2003 server. Its the standard not premium

What the problem is, is that the server is being abused by everyone and
his dog for forwarding spam. Now as a measure until tomorrow I have
turned off the SMTP service at least to get a bit of head room. Their
ISP provides email via & At the
moment its using an SMTP connector which is doing DNS look up.

What I want to do is either a) change the exchange server to use the
POP. & SMTP. accounts on the ISP, then use exchange as a store for the
emails to keep them safe for backups or failing that lock down the SMTP
service tighter than a cammel's bottom in a sand storm :-)

Although I'm not a total newbie to server admin, I'm not *that* far from
that when it comes to server email type things :-)

What I really need to know is, can I just shove in a firewall and block
external connections. Presumably I would have to leave port 25 open
which would defeat the point?

I thought I could just do:

  PC <-----> Server.mycompany <-------->ISP POP & SMTP

Then I would need some way of passing the client usernames and passwords
via Server.mycompany (Set up in active directory?) to the ISP. I presume
to do this I need to set up exchange connectors too. Is it anything to
do with smart hosts. Other than "there are smart hosts" there doesn't
seem to be too much help on the web. Coupled with possibly the worst
call center I have ever had to deal with [1] I'm getting a tad stressed.

At the moment the company has been without email for a week and things
are not looking good. I don't think they can afford a 100 an hour
consultant as a day would be 1/2 a year's profit.

Sorry if this is all a bit vague but I'm developing bald patches from
this. Its even worse because I'm sure its all so simple. It doesn't help
I think that I'm fighting terminology and understanding SMTP at the same

If anyone can direct me to some good sources on info on this that would
be great. Doing a google search for SMPT and Exchange just gives up
basic info on set up and not too much on locking it all down or going
via an ISP email facility.

[1] To get the username and password for the management account they
said do to "". I said its giving me a 404
page not found, he then said "Enter your password and username". So I
had to tell him thats what I was after. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH. OK its not
BlahdeBla but its supposed to be a reputable ISP :-|