Re: SBS Premium installed - Some configuration questions...

From: Frank McCallister SBS MVP (anonymous)
Date: 11/21/04

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 18:24:35 -0600

Hi Lerner

Your Router will not provide addresses to your LAN if you are using ISA
properly. See for proper setup. Have
you read the Installation Instructions on CD1 in Getting started DOC. I
don't recommend using your SBS as an FTP server for security reasons. The
setup for your Exchange server on Mail is in the CEICW (connect to Internet)
Wizard in Todo list. Do you have a Static IP with FQDN and an MX record
pointing to mail.FQDN ?

Frank McCallister SBS MVP
"Lerner" <postmaster@> wrote in message 
> Ok... I've decided to go with SBS Premium after hearing the comments here 
> in
> the newsgroups. I've gotten it installed and have worked through the "To 
> Do
> List" and have some questions...
> - Since I have a router that provides IP addresses to my LAN I have not
> installed the DHCP server into SBS. Will I have an issues with this? Most 
> of
> the machines on the LAN have hardcoded IP addresses anyhow. DHCP will only
> be used when new or guest machines are connected to the network.
> - I've noticed that I can specify applications on the server that will be
> available to the client machines. The onboard help says to do an
> "administrative installation" of my applications to a shared folder in the
> C:\ClientApps folder. After this I "Assign applications to client
> computers".  I don't see how to do administrative installtions for my 
> apps.
> Is there a document that explains how this functionality is implemented? I
> have several applications that I'd like to make avaliable to the client
> PC's, such as: Firefox 1.0, MS Office 2003 Pro, Corel Draw 12, AVG
> antivirus...etc.
> I assume that the applications are not automatically installed when the
> client PC is first connected to the domain. Are there shortcuts provided 
> on
> the client machine or do I need to browse to the ClientApps folder and 
> find
> the SETUP icon?
> - Is it possible to configure the desktop and applications for one user 
> and
> then apply these settings as the default for new users to start with when
> the join the domain? I'd like to configure desktop icons, desktop
> appearance, Outlook (email), IE settings, etc. so that new users will have
> these options already set up.
> - Is it suggested to use the FTP server provided with SBS? I do not like 
> the
> idea of creating Windows users for FTP access. We only have a few users 
> that
> would accessing FTP and currently do not allow anonymous access (although
> this might change).
> ...ugh... and now I have to configure Exchange Server for my internet 
> email
> and then move all my websites, LAN files and ftp files to the new server.